Development Review

Our plan review and map check engineers provide development review services for tentative maps, grading and improvement plans, final and parcel maps, plats and legal descriptions, easement, right-of-way acquisitions/abandonments, lot mergers, and lot-line adjustments.  We utilize local ordinances and design criteria to complete our reviews, along with federal regulations such as the California Subdivision Map Act, CEQA, NEPA and NPDES.  Work types include:

Subdivision Improvement Plans and Encroachment Permits
(Roadways, Lots, Lighting, Joint Trench)
Roadway Plans and Profiles
(including Signage and Striping)
Utility Plans & Profiles (Storm Drain, Sanitary Sewer, Water, Electric, Gas)
Hydrology/Hydraulic Studies
Sewer Capacity Analyses
Rough and Precise Grading Plans
Sediment and Erosion Control Plans
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
Construction Details
Traffic Signal Plans
Demolition Plans
Construction Cost Estimates  (Engineer’s Estimates/Probable Cost

CSG can readily provide plan or map check services for the following major project types:

Major and Minor Residential Subdivisions
Commercial and Multi-Use Projects
Single-Family Homes
Parks & Recreational Areas
Roadway Projects (New and Resurfacing)
Utility Projects
ADA Compliance Projects


Surveyor Services

CSG acts as the surveyor for a number of jurisdicctions, reviewing and approving subdivision and parcel maps, lot line adjustments and other official documents. As surveyor, we provide the following typical services:

Review of Final and Parcel Maps utilizing a unique map review checklist incorporating relevant sections of the Subdivision Map Act and the Municipal Code.
Review of approved Tentative Map and Conditions of Approval.
Review of closure calculations.
Review of title information including existing easements
Review of other survey documents including plats and legal descriptions for Line Adjustments, Lot Mergers, Right-of-Way Acquisition/Abandonment, Grant/Quitclaim of public utility easements


Surveying and Mapping

In addition to typical surveyor services, CSG can also provide a wide range of office or field surveying services, such as:

Preparation of topographical surveys and base maps.
Preparation of Plats and Legal Descriptions, Subdivision and Parcel Maps, Boundary Maps, Lot Line Adjustments, Right-of-Way Acquisition/Abandonment, Easement Grants/Quitclaim, Records of Survey/Corner Records
Setting monuments not previously set by other surveyors


Storm Water Program Compliance

Of special importance is NPDES compliance for new or re-development activities.  Our staff is trained and qualified to assist jurisdictions throughout the planning process to ensure that all projects are either exempt or comply fully with current NPDES regulations. In addition, prior to the issuance of a grading or building permit, our staff will review the final improvement plans for full compliance with the local Municipal Regional Permit (MRP).

For new or redevelopment sites that disturb more than 1 acre of soil, project applicants must obtain a separate NPDES permit under the State Construction General Permit.  Our staff regularly assists jurisdictional personnel to ensure applicants have filed proper documentation with the State, and may upon request, provide Qualified SWPPP Developers (QSD)/Practitioners (QSP) to review Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)  as well as prepare, implement and field inspect SWPPP’s for public works projects.