Capital Improvement Project Design

Transportation/Roadway Improvements

Within the area of transportation and roadways, CSG can provide a full range of street improvement design services including plan-line studies, conceptual design studies and improvement plan bid packages.   Our professional staff can help with everything from resurfacing existing roadways with various pavement rehabilitation strategies to designing new or widened thoroughfares with landscaping, decorative lighting and pathway accommodations.  For federal grant funded efforts, we incorporate Caltrans Local Assistance delivery procedures, requirements and standards.

Roadway Improvement Plans
Streetscape Improvements | Lighting | Signals
Trail Development, Bicycle, Equestrian, Pedestrian | Slope Stabilization


Pavement Resurfacing and Rehabilitation

CSG has experience in pavement condition evaluation and pavement program management. We specialize in the identification, cost-effective design and implementation of pavement maintenance and rehabilitation strategies. Within our design solutions, we have utilized various surface treatments including crack
seals, slurry seals, chip seals, specialty seals involving rubberized asphalt, micro-surfacing, asphalt concrete overlays and in place recycling.

Pavement Evaluation | Roadway Resurfacing and Rehabilitation


Water and Sewer Utilities

CSG’s has completed the design of numerous underground pipeline projects and suport facilities in the areas of water and watewater.  
In the area of water distribution system design, CSG assists with the implementation of master plan objectives or specific capital improvement projects.  Whether involving storage tanks, pump stations or water mains as replacements for fire flow capacity or extension of service, we have the depth of experience and expertise to assist with these endevors.

Domestic Water Systems | Pipelines, Storage Tanks, Pumping Facilities

CSG also provides wastewater and storm drainage collection system design services to repair or upgrade sewer mains utilizing open cut and trenchless technology methods.  This includes pipe bursting and Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP), condition assessment, cleaning and spot repair.  CSG can also assists on a program management level with aspects of project delivery including financing such as State Revolving Funds, permitting, stakeholder coordination and regulatory agency compliance.

Wastewater | Replacement, Lining, Bursting, System Upgrades
Storm Drainage System Improvements


Traffic Engineering

CSG has licensed traffic engineers that can assist with planning and project development reviews, traffic safety and CA MUTCD implementation, design of traffic signals, signage and striping improvements, review of traffic impact reports, radar speed studies , preparation of traffic condition assessment reports and traffic calming solutions.

Traffic Evaluations | Safety and Calming  Studies | Design